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Vigil 24X7, one of top security companies in Delhi, is known for commercial guard services for offices, banks, and more.

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Our professional bodyguards ensure utmost protection of yours.

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Security is one of the critical concerns for organizing an event. Hire Vigil 24X7 for your event security and remain stress-free.

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Hire Residential & Commercial Security Guard Services

Are you looking for security guards for your residential property or office? Delhi NCT region has been one of the

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Top Class Event Security Services In Delhi

If you are looking for event security guards, nothing is going to be the best rather than calling Vigil 24X7!

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Women Guards

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Bouncer Security

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Top-Notch Security Agency in Delhi NCR

In a world where security concern has increased so much, the cost-effective roadway to safety is a dire need. Vigil 24X7 Security Services is among the leading security agencies in India and the best security guard company in Delhi.

Our Vision

As technology is at its peak, we aim to provide top-notch bodyguard & bouncer services in Delhi NCR to give rise to a safer and positive environment. We discern that the criterion of our security guard company and the trust we build with our clients is our utmost priority and that it will lead us to great heights.


We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified security company in Delhi and are PSARA license audited. We have over 2000 plus trained employees consisting of Gunmen, Retired Army Personnel, Para- Military Forces, and Trained Civilians. Vigil 24x7 Guarding Services Private Limited guarantees undefeated safety and security of the clients and their fortune.

Why Choose Us

  • • We pledge to solve any query within 2 days.
  • • Immediate replacing of non-performing guards.
  • • We provide highly trained security guards for the better security of our clients.
  • • Regular training of our guards to continue whetting their job-related skills.
  • • Our guards are trained to provide frequent day and night patrolling for better safety.
  • • We believe in continuous up-gradation and improvement of our services to provide to with the top-notch security experience.
  • • We provide an option to choose between male and female security guards.
  • • We are PSARA license audited.
  • • ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • • Feel safe and secure round the clock.
  • • We can arrange additional security guards at short notice.
  • • Feedbacks are taken from clients.

One-Step Security Agency for All Your Need Related to Security Services

Security is our utmost priority and it is what we are most passionate about. We deliver a wide array of bodyguard services that yield to all types of security needs.

Uniformed Security Guards: We have uniformed security guards to ensure the complete reliability of security. Our guards are well dressed in proper uniforms that help to deter crime.

Event Security Services: Our security guard company provides professional event security services too. Highly expert and experienced security guards are sent to handle the crowd at events, risk assessment, security strategies, and vulnerable protection.

Bouncers and Personal Bodyguards: To guard a venue, night club or meeting, we provide our trained, fearless and experienced guards for the security. We do provide personal bodyguards for individual clients, who are responsible for the protection of VIPs such as celebrities, politicians, and noteworthy individuals.

Lady Guards: To provide ease to women, we provide lady guards to maintain a security system whether it is a mall, complex, shopping center, or office.

Tourist Security: With increasing security concerns, our guards make sure that your journey is safe and secure and is out of harm’s way. Our security guards step in to make sure you feel protected 24X7.

Bank Security: We provide security guards to secure your ATM, bank, and its premises with the help of our expert and experienced armed guards to keep all the tension at bay.

Industrial and Warehouse Security: Safeguard your warehouse/ factory and lower the risk of theft with our security guards.

Hospital Security: We all know how critical is hospital security. Our guards deal with the relatives, visitors of the patients by being calm, irrespective of how tiring and distressing their job is. Our security guards are experts in their field by taking care of the premises, hospital staff, and their patients.

School Security: Shield your school or college and build trust with parents and improve the overall image of the school/institute.

Industries We Serve

Vigil Plus security agency in Delhi delivers high-end security over various sectors like; Big Central Government Plants, Heavy Oils Plants, Gas Agencies, Steel Industries, Power and other Engineering Industries, 5 Star Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Housing Societies, etc. With sheer dedication and hard work, Vigil Security has spread its roots in Gujarat as well.

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Professional Security Training


Well-trained security personnel is a blessing for an organization. Our experts deliver the best training on the key aspects and the responsibility of the security personnel. Security guards went through several PSARA compliance training sessions. Sessions such as Fire Fighting, Disaster Management, First aid, professional skills, physical fitness, etc.


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