Tasks for a Bank Security Guard You Should Learn

Having or not professional security guards at financial institutions is not a matter of choice! It is compulsory. A financial institution like a bank holds a lot of money and other precious items like jewelry, property papers, etc. Therefore, they might become a victim of robbers. Apart from robbers, the lives of customers and staff are at risk when…

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The Role of Security Guards During COVID-19

Due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, security guards have had to change their tactics and behaviours to acclimatize to changing times. Many have been enlisted to help local governments and communities cope with the physical, psychological, and financial ramifications that have resulted from the viral outbreak. Healthcare Security Services Many healthcare security teams have increased their…

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4 Risks Your Business Site Faces during Its Off Hours

Is your business as secure as it should be when it’s closed? No matter when after-hours occur at your company locations, these present a unique set of security and safety challenges. What are some of these challenges? And how can you meet them successfully? Discover a few of the most common issues every owner or manager must face. security…

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