Tasks for a Bank Security Guard You Should Learn

Having or not professional security guards at financial institutions is not a matter of choice! It is compulsory. A financial institution like a bank holds a lot of money and other precious items like jewelry, property papers, etc. Therefore, they might become a victim of robbers. Apart from robbers, the lives of customers and staff are at risk when there is no security or less security. Therefore, hiring a professional security guard company is recommended for banks and other financial institutions. In this post, Vigil 24×7 shares a list of tasks/jobs for security guards at financial companies.


Prevent Robberies


Every year, we see numerous news of bank robberies incidents. The statics of robberies is one of the main reasons why banks hire professional security services. So, the first job of security guards is to patrol the premises and keep eagle eyes on people’s activities to prevent such situations. Security guards must be experienced enough to identify suspicious people and activities. They must be proactive all the time to save money, customers, and bank staff.

Anyhow, if guards failed to identify suspicious things and robbery is taking place, they must follow the protocol and do their best to save customers and employees.


Let Visitors Follow the Protocol


Every bank has some general protocol and guidelines that need to be followed by visitors to maintain decorum and avoid breaches in security. Bank security guards have to make sure that visitors adhere to the guidelines or not. The following may be the general guidelines:

1) Some banks may not allow you to talk on phone or if you are talking, you need to keep your voice low.

2) You can’t go behind the cash counters. Visitors’ entry is prohibited there.

3) You can’t smoke.

4) and more.


Please note that we have gathered the above points from the resources available online. The rules may vary.

Helping Visitors


In Indian banks, security guards are called “Guard Sahab.” Many people who don’t know how to operate ATM machines for cash deposit and withdrawal, where they can get deposit slips, where to deposit cheques, etc. For all these things, guards help a lot. This is one of the jobs security guards are expected to do. Basically, these things represent the services of banks. Therefore, security guards must help visitors as it is associated with the bank’s customer service.