Top Highest Paid Bodyguards in Bollywood

Having personal bodyguards is not a choice for Bollywood stars; it is a need for them. When an actor or actress becomes a Bollywood celebrity, he/she can’t walk on the street and can’t visit public events alone. People will beset Bollywood stars for autographs, selfies, etc. if they are found alone without security guards. You may have seen many videos on the internet of these stars getting misbehaved by someone in a public gathering. On the other hand, many times these stars get open threats from the mafia and dons. Therefore, having a royal bodyguard is no less than a blessing. Some celebrities, hire professional bodyguard services from security companies, while others find a bodyguard via personal contacts. In this post, Vigil 24×7 shares a list of some highest-paid bodyguards in Bollywood.


Salman’s Bodyguard Shera


Do you know the real name of Shera? Gurmeet Singh Jolly, popular as Shera, has become an Indian celebrity bodyguard. He has become so popular while providing security to Salman. Shera has been providing services to Salman Khan for more than two decades. According to the reports, he gets paid 2 Crores annually from Bhaijaan’s security. This means, more than 15 Lakhs a month.


Akshay’s Bodyguard Shreysay Thele


Akshay Kumar is one of the highest tax-paid actors in Bollywood. Even, his personal bodyguard “Shreysay Thele” is one of the highest-paid guards in Bollywood. According to a report, Akshay pays him 1.2 Corer annually. This means Shreysay gets 10 Lakh each month. He has been serving as a personal bodyguard for Akshay for years.


SRK’s Bodyguard Ravi Singh


Shah Rukh Khan, king of romance, rules the heat of millions of women and girls. Ravi Singh is the personal bodyguard of King Khan to protect him from crazy fans. It is not an easy task to protect SRK. For his job, Ravi Singh got a smart amount of 2.7 crores annually. This means he gets near around 22 lakhs a month. Ravi Singh is one of the highest-paid bodyguards in B-Town.


Amir Khan’s Bodyguard Yuvraj Ghorpade


Yuvraj Ghorpade is a school-dropped-out. He left the school at the age of 16 and was doing odd jobs till joined a security guard company in 2002. You can see Yuvraj always near Amir like a shadow. In an interview with Express Tribune, Yuvraj said that the future was seeming dark for me and I was doing odd jobs for survival. He wanted to pursue professional bodybuilding, but things didn’t work and he ended up being Amir’s personal security guard. He gets paid around 2 crores annually for serving bodyguard services to Amir.