How Many Security Guards Do You Need for Event Security

Have you finalized the date for your event? There are several things that you need to plan and finalized before a couple of weeks like who needs to be invited, what should be included in the catering, decorations, and security. If you are going to invite a few hundred or thousands of people including some VIPs, security should be your priority. Being a security guard company in Delhi, our clients frequently ask how many security guards they will be needed for their events. Are you also tensed because of the same question? If so, read this post and stay tuned.


Ask Your Venue Owner


In most cases, venue owners take responsibility for security. So, you can ask the venue owner if security is included in the services or not. If security is going to be taken care of by the venue owner, it will be best if you discuss your event in detail so he/she can do the best. If you are organizing the event on a big scale and inviting VIPs, you must take responsibility for security.


How Many Guards You Will Be Need?


The answer to this question depends on various factors like alcohol, number of guests, number of VIPs, etc. According to data, security guard companies deploy 1 guard on 50-100 people for no-alcohol events. For the alcohol event, 2 guards are deployed. This means you can hire 10-20 guards for people 500-1000.


Things You Should Consider for Security


You need to consider the following things when planning an event at big scaling and more than 500 people will attend your event:


Parking: In India, people park their vehicles anywhere which creates inconvenience. For the convenience of everyone, it is suggested to deploy at least 2 security guards to make sure people park their vehicles in the right place correctly.


Entrance: You must deploy at least one guard to make sure people who have passes/cards/tickets can enter. It will help you to prevent unwanted crowds.


Inside the venue: Apart from that, some guards must be inside the venue to keep eyes on people to prevent them from accessing restricted areas (stage, kitchen area, etc.), don’t allow anyone to smoke, through rappers anywhere, etc.


Every event has its own unique requirement for security. Therefore, it is quite difficult to say about the exact number of guards, but you can get a rough idea by considering the above things.


Hire a Professional Security Guard Company


It is a great idea to hire a professional security guard company when planning to organize an event on a big scale. Vigil 24×7 has been providing security services for near around 30 years. Our guards are professional, trained, and skilled enough to handle large events. You can call us at 9319450433 to discuss your requirement.