4 Risks Your Business Site Faces during Its Off Hours

Is your business as secure as it should be when it’s closed? No matter when after-hours occur at your company locations, these present a unique set of security and safety challenges. What are some of these challenges? And how can you meet them successfully? Discover a few of the most common issues every owner or manager must face. security guard services licensed security guard companies in Delhi NCR.

Unoccupied Buildings May Be Targets

Any time your buildings are not occupied by a significant number of people, they could be targets of a variety of crimes. Some of these may be relatively minor, like loitering, but others can cost your business a lot of money. The best way to protect your property depends on the risks it faces. A building in a bad neighborhood may need a combination of security patrols, physical entry security, and monitored cameras. One that houses sensitive data about clients may need to update the security of its computer servers. And a business with a lot of empty lands might add additional patrols to keep out trespassers.

After-Hours Workers Are at Risk

Most businesses have staff who need to work in the off hours at least some of the time. Your production crew might need to prepare for the holiday sale season. Accounting staff might need to work late closing the books. Or your management team may need to brainstorm over some company challenge. Whatever the reason to have a late night or weekend workers, the company must keep them safe. The way your employees use the site after hours determines the best approach to security. You might provide live camera monitoring to virtually walk employees to their cars or to check in on lone employees in their offices. If an entire team needs to work in the evening, adjust security patrols to provide helpful officers to watch out for them. And access control ensures that employees are safe from intruders.

Vendors May Not Be Diligent

Do you have third parties who need to be on the job site at unusual times? Many businesses contract with cleaning services to work when employees aren’t in the way. You may also have deliveries on the weekends or early mornings. And repairs may not be able to wait until business hours. Keeping track of vendors who aren’t under your direct management is important. After all, one cleaner who fails to lock a door could accidentally open up your building for thieves. Monitored cameras are some of the most cost-effective and useful ways to know what vendors are up to. You may further pair these with coded access control or a live officer patrol to check up on the site after vendors leave.

Fires and Disasters Occur in Off Hours

Just because your business is closed doesn’t make it immune to natural disasters. Even dormant operations are susceptible to things like a spontaneous combustion of chemicals in storage, electrical shorts in automated equipment, or a broken water main. And the damage could be worse than during the day because no one is there to stop it early.

Every business owner should ensure that a good monitoring and alarm system is in place for common risks like fires and flooding. Cameras can often provide a good alternative to having people on-site at all hours. And regular patrols of trained professionals help catch emergencies, such as a broken pipe before they get out of hand.

Could your business use assistance in meeting any of these after-hours security challenges? If so, start by consulting with the security pros at VIGIL 24X7 today. Our experienced team will assess your site and listen to your concerns, then help you craft a plan to keep your property and employees safe no matter what the time of day.