Checklist for Event Security: All You Need to Know


Organizing an event at large scale is not just about finalizing venue, hiring services for catering, and entertaining crowd. It is also about security arrangements to manage huge crowd. In straight words, you need to find the answer of two questions; how to keep everyone safe in large gatherings and ensure that your event runs smoothly. Hiring a security guard company will make headaches lost, but still, it is essential to prepare a comprehensive event security checklist and share the same with your agency. It will make you feel relaxed and enable you to focus on event instead of thinking about security only.


In this post, Vigil 24×7 Security Services, a comprehensive checklist that you must share with your security agency:

Security Checks During Entrance:
Security checks during entrance by professional security guards is essential. It is recommended not to allow people having metallic things like coins, knife, etc. to avoid a potential terrorist attack and violence. You can ask your agency to carry essential equipment like metallic detector to ensure optimum security.

Scrimmage in Crowd:
The event of scrimmage during entrance and exit is very common. How your event security guards are going to handle such situations? Ask your agency if they will also provide bouncers to deal with such situations. Don’t hire a company if you do not get satisfying answer to this question.

Securing Stage:
In large crowd, presence of ant-social and foppish elements is obvious. According to a report, in events like signing concert, dancing shows, magic shows, etc. people try to come on stage and want to take selfie with performer. That’s fine! But some people throw objects like bottles, footwear, etc. on the stage to hamper environment. Therefore, it is recommended to have some bouncers and guards on the stage who keep eyes on people who are just beside the stage.

However, should not allow people to carry snacks and bottles from outside. You can have setup a small shop for such things inside the venue. How you are going to maintain hygiene? Some people will surely throw rappers of snacks and bottles anywhere. You can instruct your guards do not allow such things. You guard will request people to throw them into the dustbin.