5 Important Supplies Security Guards Must Have


Security guards safeguard the businesses, organizations, or any locations they are hired for. They usually carry certain supplies to protect themselves and perform their tasks competently and avert mishaps and any criminal actions. If you are looking to hire professional security guard services for your house, work premises, or any assets you must know about the imperative tools they must have when they are on duty. A well-prepared security guard never forgets to carry these supplies. We have illustrated important things security guards must have to accomplish their job perfectly.

Please have a look at the 5 important supplies security guards must have when they are on duty:

A security guard typically wears a uniform provided by the security guard company. The uniform usually involves a t-shirt or shirt, jacket, boots, and badge. Other clothing items a security guard must have been:

  • Equipment belt: a durable equipment belt can grip a variety of stuff with relaxed access to get it. A strong security belt helps the guard to be properly prepared with his everyday duties.
  • A bulletproof vest: it helps them captivate the influence of bullets. Particularly the security guards hired for valuable material must have a bulletproof vest.
  • High prominence clothing: this type of clothing amplifies the standing of security guards. It’s important for their safety and it also red alerts the criminals.


A flashlight is a significant tool that security guards must have in their belts, particularly those who do night duties. It does not just light poorly ignited staircase or parking areas but also helps protect against a criminal or trespasser. A security guard should have a strong flashlight that can survive stressful situations or be thrown down.

Security equipment

Security guards may use a variety of defense equipment to achieve their duty. Security tools are well-thought-out in the security sector. Unarmed security guards carry Barton and armed security guards carry the gun with them. They are skilled to use these tools to defend themselves and the premises. Security equipment is also valuable in representing authority and dispiriting criminals from committing a crime. Security guards also should have pepper spray for their safety and it doesn’t require any special training.

Smartphone and two-way radio

Reporting and interacting about the safety status to the authorities, is the most important part of a security guard job. So, they must have a smartphone with a good quality camera. It helps them document the area, evidence, and doubtful people when a crime or security incident happens. A smartphone comes in handy for calling the fire department, medical services, or the police asap. A two-way radio is vital for communication with establishments or with other security members for security guards working for the retail sector or events.

First aid set

A professional security guard company makes sure their guards have a small first aid kit with them. It can help them if they get injured during duty. A first aid kit also assists if any individual gets injured inside the premises while expecting the medical professional to come. Security guards must also be aware of the locations for quick access to first aid supplies or assistance.

Wrapping it up

The occupation of security guards is not simple, it can be dangerous and unsafe as they have to safeguard people, assets, or property. Security guards often hold some crucial supplies to be equipped for any kind of intimidation that may arise their way. When you hire a security guard company, they certainly make sure that their guards are well fortified with critical materials they must have while they are on duty. Still, you can be more assured about your safety by confirming that they carry the above-cited supplies with them.