5 Types of Security Guards You Must Know About


The security industry is fabulous in today’s time. Several businesses are increasing massively and so is the inevitability for professional security services. Businesses, companies, educational institutions, warehouses, etc mostly aspect numerous death traps and threats so it’s a necessity to have security guards for them. The chief errands of a security guard are to shield the location and people by monitoring, reporting, and protecting against any fissure of security.  You can consider hiring a security guard company to advantage impeccable security services for your assets but before that, you need to know about security guards.

Here we have enlisted 5 types of security guards you must know about:

Many people believe that all security guards are the same but it’s not true. There are different types of security guards to pick from and each one is well suited for particular supplies. It’s essential to hire proper professional security services for suitable security tasks.

Unarmed security guards

Unarmed security guards do not hold any weapons like guns. They round the premises, monitor security scrutiny systems, and retort to threats very fast and proficiently. Unarmed security guards are without guns but that doesn’t mean they are less valued, just their occurrence is sufficient to prevent criminals or intruders.  Their tasks are patrolling, surveillance, crowd control, policy enforcement, access control, and general crime deterrent.

Armed security guards

Armed security guards are compulsory at premises where tough security is necessary. They are hired for high hazard environments such as if a business is situated in a high corruption area or corporations that deal with expensive services or products. They carry deadly weapons and possibly minor firearms on the duty. They are well equipped with supplementary training and obligatory firearm certifications to get the armed guard license.

Video surveillance security guards

These security guards are extremely trained with video surveillance strategies and tools. They may control surveillance, screen the situation, and team up with other guards to assess the camera footage. Many companies and institutions fit CCTV cameras around their premises to keep a check on prohibited and criminal activities. They are most hired by businesses or organizations having a low-risk atmosphere for monitoring happenings through CCTV processes.

Event security guards

Event security guards are most renowned because of their extreme visibility. They are hired to handle the crowd and uphold order at concerts and events such as sporting events, educational events, and professional conferences. Their responsibilities include glancing at the attendees coming with prohibited stuff at the place, confirming that the people are only in the allowable areas, avert and handling physical fights or illegal activities at certain events.

Personal and residential guards

Personal security guards or bodyguards are hired to safeguard a person or a family. Celebrities, high-profile people, and business persons hire bodyguards for personal safety. Bodyguards are impeccably accomplished and emergency defensive for any risk scenarios.  Residential security guards are hired to guard private residences because of a high crime locality, a luxurious home, or for general security reasons. For example, gated societies usually have a protected entrance where security guards do not allow unauthorized people and vehicles from incoming.

Summing up

When you have professional security services, you know that you and your assets are protected. It’s equally important to know enough about security guard services to get the impeccable one for your premises. A security guard company may present another type of security guard than the above-mentioned ones. The tasks can vary depending on the necessity of the site.