Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Security Guard

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Security Guard

Planning of hiring a security guard for your premises is a wise move to ensure safety. It provides you with a sense of security and peace of mind. If you have decided to hire a security guard, the next step is to know certain things about them before hiring. Mostly when you hire through a security guard company, they provide all the obligatory information about the candidates but still, you should be sure at your end also. Now the question is what you essentially need to know about and what you can avoid.

Here are the things one should know before hiring a security guard for your property:

Security guard agency

Before hiring you should know about the reputation of the company. Preferably you should hire a locally owned security company. They usually give more attention to their clients. In case you have any issues, you can reach them directly. These companies spend time to know your requirements and offer the services accordingly.


It’s mandatory to know about their background before you hire. They should not have any criminal record and must have a faultless record. Ask them for documents such as Voter ID, Aadhar card, Ration card, Driving license, etc. You can also submit the photocopies of these documents to the nearest police station for better security.


A security guard meets and greets you and your visitors or clients every day so he/she must have a pleasant personality. They should not be impolite and unmannered. However, security guard agencies train their candidates on how to behave while on duty.

Previous Experience

Hiring a security guard is all about the safety of your residence, organization, or any assets so prior experience matters a lot to assess the capabilities of the candidate. Enquire about the references and other reasons for leaving the previous jobs etc.

Work Hours

Usually, security guards work a twelve-hour shift. Talk over their working hours, tea or lunch breaks, etc. It will help you plan for appropriate coverage when your guard is not around.


Salary and associated benefits vary depending on the location, skills, prior experience and working hours, etc. As they work for longer hours, their salaries are quite higher and they may also ask for bonuses and overtime when applicable.


What you should ask the security companies before you hire a security guard?

  • Do they hold all the mandatory documents and certifications?
  • Are they sure about the impeccable background of their employees?
  • Are their guards suitably trained (in terms of technology)?
  • Do they give the security equipment and uniforms to the guard?
  • Do they charge monthly or hourly rates for their candidates?
  • Do they offer any additional services to accommodate client requirements?
  • Are they willing to negotiate when hiring for longer?


Concluding words:

So now you know about the most essential things you need to consider before you hire a security guard company in Delhi. Once you are sure about everything, you can sign up a trustworthy security guard for your assets and stay stress-free about the security of your premises.